Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice-Chair incumbent and UNITE HERE General Vice President for Immigration, Civil Rights and Diversity Maria Elena Durazo has secured the endorsements of the following key Democratic, labor and civil rights leaders in her bid for re-election.

Senator Kamala Harris of California:

“Maria Elena is a true organizer who knows how to build power from grassroots movements. Her efforts have transformed the state of California and she’s just the person we need to help lead the Democratic Party to victory.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles:

“Maria Elena is a tireless champion for working people. I know that as Vice Chair she will continue to lead the Democratic Party in standing up for the rights of all workers to live with dignity and respect.”

Dolores Huerta, Labor and Civil Rights Leader:

“As a union organizer, as a feminist, and as a Latina, I am proud to support Maria Elena Durazo for DNC Vice Chair. No other candidate matches her incredible leadership, experience, and organizing skills in doing the tough, door-to-door organizing work that it takes to grow power and win. Maria Elena has shown us that she can take on Trump. As Democrats we need somebody with that courage.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

“Maria Elena has spent her life organizing workers and building the labor movement from the ground up. Now, more than ever we need Maria Elena’s leadership in the DNC leadership. Throughout her life, she has been instrumental in organizing workers to raise wages and win union representation. Through grassroots campaigns she helped to change the political landscape of California from red to blue.”

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa: 

“Today, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters proudly endorses Maria Elena Durazo in her re-election bid as the Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee. She has been a strong advocate for the Teamsters waste and port campaigns and will continue to be a strong voice for working families and labor. As a leader at UNITE HERE she has advanced efforts to raise living and work standards for all workers. She has the leadership skills and organizing background to tackle the tough challenges facing the DNC. Maria Elena Durazo will ensure that working families are heard in the corridors and Washington and state capitols across the nation.”

Cleve Jones, Founder of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

There isn’t anyone who better embodies the commitment to advancing the standard of living for all working people than Maria Elena. By creating big-picture connections across barriers, she’s become a national thought-leader in the labor movement, for immigrant rights and broader social justice…  Through real grassroots organizing, she’s mobilized African Americans in the fight for immigrant rights; Latino workers for marriage equality; Hollywood unions against racial profiling; white, working class men to campaign against the bully Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (Read Clevev’s full endorsement here

Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto from Nevada:

“Maria Elena understands the critical role that the Vice-Chair plays in strengthening our party and ensuring it works to elect candidates that will stand up for hardworking families. The DNC would benefit immensely from Maria’s organizing experience and steady leadership, and that is why she has my support.”

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada

“The DNC needs Maria Elena’s experience organizing workers to steer their own lives towards higher standards and dignity. As a woman, as a Latina, my parents taught me early on that everyone deserves to have their voice heard. Maria Elena understands that organizing workers is not just about better wages – it’s about giving them a voice. And when workers have a seat at the table, things run better, whether that’s in an auto plant, a hotel or at the ballot box.”UNITE HERE

International Union, and President D. Taylor

Stuart Appelbaum, Executive Vice President of UFCW and Co-Chair of the DNC Labor Council

Supervisor Hilda Solis of Los Angeles, former U.S. Secretary of Labor and Member of Congress

“Maria Elena and I have a long history of organizing together. We are both the daughters of immigrants, who instilled in us the value of hard work and of taking pride in what you do – whether it’s working in the fields, on an assembly line, or holding public office. We have dedicated our lives to fighting for the dignity of all workers. That’s the type of organizing and leadership that the Democratic Party needs right now, and that’s why I wholeheartedly support Maria Elena for DNC Vice-Chair.”

John Burton, California Democratic Party Chair

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair

“The Nebraska delegation is proud to endorse Maria Elena Durazo for Vice Chair of the DNC. We support our union brothers and sisters. Our party must address the concerns of working class families across our country—both in our urban cities and small rural towns. We look forward to building a new Democratic Party with Maria Elena.”

Congresswoman Karen Bass, CA District 37

Brandon Dillon, Chair, Michigan Democratic Party

“Maria Elena Durazo is a powerful voice for Democrats across the country. She has the experience as a labor leader fighting for working people and understands the critical importance of rebuilding the Democratic Party from the ground up. Her commitment to both the labor movement and harnessing the power of progressive activists as Vice Chair are exactly what our party needs moving forward. I am delighted to endorse and support Maria Elena for Vice Chair of the DNC and look forward to working with her to win elections in the coming years.”